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Community Hall

The Camp Sherman Community Hall was built in 1949 entirely by volunteers — and continues to be run and maintained by volunteers for the benefit of the Camp Sherman community. It has gone through several remodels to keep it structurally sound. It is used for Camp Sherman Community Association (CSCA) meetings and public events, and is available for rent to members for private events. The Hall also serves as a community emergency shelter during extended power outages.

The following guide describes the Hall, and procedures for its rental use.


The Community Hall comprises one large room with wood floors; a coat room; fireplace and furnace; a large kitchen equipped with a sink, stove, refrigerator/freezer, microwave and lots of counter space; women’s and men’s restrooms; a utility room; and a storage room. In addition to the main entrance, there are two exit doors. Although there is no outside deck, there is a lovely shaded area on the South side of the building.

The facility includes eleven 8’ X 30” tables, roughly 130 chairs and several benches which can be arranged within the building to suit the occasion. Eight picnic tables with benches are available for outside use.


Current members in good standing of the Camp Sherman Community Association are eligible to rent the Hall. Anyone who lives, or owns property, or rents property long-term in Camp Sherman may become a member the CSCA. Dues are $40 annually.


A damage deposit of $500 is collected when confirming reservation (please pay this with a separate check). The deposit will be returned provided there is no damage and the Hall is ready to be used again without repairs or excessive cleaning.


There are two fire extinguishers are in the Hall. One is located towards the far end of the Hall on the wall next to the old kitchen and one is located at the top of the stairs near the storeroom. There are emergency exit lights in case of power failures. Renters are responsible for providing a first aid kit suitable for the occasion.


Please carpool, bike or walk if possible. There are bike racks in front of the Hall. Parking is limited; park as far off the road as possible, and DO NOT block the fire hall next door or the neighbor’s driveways.


Alcohol may not be sold at the event.


Absolutely no smoking is permitted in the Community Hall.


Absolutely no round rental tables are permitted in the building! They leave deep marks when rolled across the wood floor.


Applicants must submit an insurance certificate for day(s) of requested use. (You can obtain this from your business or homeowner’s policy). The policy must have a minimum liability of $1,000,000 personal injury and property damage, and name as “additional insured” the Camp Sherman Community Association, and show the premises covered as the Camp Sherman Community Hall at 13025 FSRD 1419, Camp Sherman, OR 97730. It must be issued by or on behalf of an insurance company licensed to do business in the State of Oregon. The Hall coordinator must have this one month prior to your event.


Fees must be paid in full before the key will be issued. You must reserve the Hall through the Hall Coordinator who keeps the calendar and approves all rentals. The coordinator will show you through the hall when you pick up the key. Please note that the rental fee starts when you pick up the key and ends when the key is returned.

If you cancel your reservation less than 30 days prior to the event, your rental fee will be forfeit unless another rental is secured for the same date(s). In any event the damage deposit will be returned.


To ask about fees and availability, and/or to reserve a date, contact Tonye Phillips <> 541-595-6458.

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